Shocking moment speeding BMW skids across road and overturns in front garden

THIS is the shocking moment a BMW skidded across the road at high speed and overturned in a front garden – before the occupants jumped out and fled the scene.

CCTV footage shows the black BMW 320 crashing into the front garden of a house in Bradford, West Yorkshire, at around 6.15pm yesterday.

The black BMW 320 ended up on its side in someone’s front gardenCredit: SWNS
The car hit a neighbour’s house before ending up in the gardenCredit: SWNS
Fortunately, no one was injured in the accidentCredit: © YappApp

Police said they are currently searching for two people who fled the scene of the crash.

The shocking clip shows the car careening down the road, hitting a curb and crashing into a home before overturning and smashing through a garden fence and a shed next door.

It eventually pulled to one side outside one of the houses before three occupants got out of the car in Park Lane, Little Horton.

A pile of debris is left in its wake as stunned locals leave their houses to survey the damage.

One homeowner affected by the crash – who did not want to be named – said she witnessed the men crawling out of the car “like cockroaches”.

She said: “It was about 6.15pm. They were driving and revving the engine and the car just hit the property.

“It flipped upside down and hit our house… They must have been going at least 60 mph. There are so many residents here that they could hit children.

“Fortunately, no one was injured, but they crawled out of the car like little cockroaches.

“In the end, they didn’t care. They walked for a while. They raised their hoods and left.

“There was no concern for anyone’s safety, and I’m concerned that they face consequences for their actions.”

Strange moment bloodied crash victims pose for selfies next to wreckage of overturned car after losing control on road

“If he was just a meter away, he would have hit the door.

“We had to evacuate the property. The fire department told us “you need to get out in case there is any structural damage.”

Her husband said: “You could hear the engine revving from the road.

“Our family was upstairs, my daughter was playing and my son was playing a game of FIFA, then I heard what sounded like two cars crashing.

“There was a huge impact and you could feel it shake the building. It was shocking.

“I looked outside and you could see the car sitting on its side in front of our neighbor’s house.”

Emergency services were called to the scene, but luckily no one was injured in the crash.

It flipped upside down and hit our house… They must have been going at least 60 miles an hour. There are so many residents here that they could hit children

Homeowner affected by the crash

The man said the fire service was “quite quick and very quick” to respond.

He said they turned off all gas and electricity and then evacuated his family from the home to assess its safety.

The husband added: “I’m surprised the car stayed together as long as it did.

“It hit two metal fences but still continued before stopping.

“To cause this amount of damage to these properties is crazy.

“We are thankful that we are all well. Better the car hit the building.

“We were just lucky no one was hurt. We could have been killed so easily.

“When the crash happened at 6.15pm, it was the best time to put the bin out for the next day.

“Our neighbors may have been sitting outside or working in the garden.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Police were called at 6.16pm yesterday evening to Park Lane to reports that a vehicle had crashed into a house.

“Two occupants of the vehicle were reported to have left the scene prior to police arrival.

“Investigations are ongoing to locate them.”

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “At 6.22pm on Monday 20 May we were called to an RTC (road collision) on Park Lane, Little Horton, Bradford.

“A car crashed into a house, no one was injured, we secured the place.

“We sent one appliance (fire engine) from Bradford and one from Odsal.

“The police have been informed.

“We left the crime scene at 7:09 p.m.”

Police are looking for two people who fled the scene of the crashCredit: SWNS
A pile of debris is left behind as stunned locals leave their homes to survey the damageCredit: SWNS

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